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Think about This- When Do You Need a Fundraising Strategy?

In a world dominated by social media and digital technology, fundraising trends, strategies, and best practices evolve at a rapid pace. New and creative ways of asking for donor support emerge so quickly that it can be hard for organizations to keep up. 

For many nonprofit founders, fundraising is just one of your many, many responsibilities, you barely have time to run through each activity how much more to stay on top of trends, and put into practice the things you learn. 

When we work with third sector leaders, oftentimes they ask us what are some of the ways to know it’s time to have a strategy in place as well as a possible fundraiser.

Below are some ideas; 

You don’t have enough in-house staff: 

Many successful nonprofits often have departments dedicated to fundraising that include independent teams that handle all the moving parts. If your nonprofit has big goals but only a handful of people who can dedicate their time to fundraising activities, it may be time to consider hiring outside help. 

Training in-house staff:

Sometimes, even if you have enough in-house staff members responsible for fundraising, they may not have the necessary expertise. It may be helpful to hire a fundraising consultant instead.

Reaching untapped audiences:

As a nonprofit founder, sometimes all you may know is the information available within your immediate network. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot more outside your network. Engaging fundraising professionals who work with dozens of organizations just like yours and have a network of potential partners, vendors, and sponsors will give you access to an untapped audience.  They can see opportunities and ways to expose your organization to new audiences.  

Planning a fundraising program:

Creating a new fundraising program from scratch requires experience in that area and a deep understanding of how to maximize your organization’s resources. Your in-house staff will be able to maintain the program once it’s up and running, but it’s not a bad idea to get someone to help plan and implement it.

Launching a capital campaign:

Campaigns are an enormous undertaking and often take time to execute. They involve a lot of moving parts and rely on each fundraising program working in unison toward the same mission. Even if you have a full staff of experienced fundraisers, it can still be helpful to hire outside help to plan the campaign and keep it on track. 

Becoming a better digital fundraiser:

We rely on digital technology for just about everything, and its role in fundraising will only continue to grow and evolve. By learning new digital fundraising skills and learning from experts, you can help your organization meet its donors where they are—online. 

Now, we have talked about why you need a strategy and the realities that surround having a successful campaign.

In our upcoming e-course, we will be breaking it down and showing you a lot down to ways to approach your potential sponsors and fundraisers.

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Announcing our Top 60 African Women In Development (AWID 2022)

Sixty extraordinary African Women in Development, including activists, changemakers, government representatives, and social innovators from 15 countries, have been announced as awardees for this year’s Donor’s For Africa, African Women in Development Awards. The awards recognize outstanding women whose projects, work within teams, and activism are transforming lives in their communities and helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sixty extraordinary women, including activists, changemakers, government representatives, and social innovators from 15 countries, have been announced as awardees for this year’s Donor’s For Africa, African Women in Development Awards

The awards recognize outstanding African women whose work is transforming lives in their communities and countries, helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

More than 700 entries from 20 African countries were received this year. The finalists were selected following rigorous research and selection process.

Nominees are;

  1. Dr. Mories M. Atoki
  2. Tunu Yongolo
  3. Olubunmi Fajuyigbe
  4. Kikelomo Adisa
  5. Mudrakat Alabi
  6. Fatuma Hakar
  7. De Nsentip Twins (Uforo Nsentip and Eduek Nsentip)
  8. Dr. Princess Ifeoma Ike
  9. Excellence Anurika Joshua
  10. Amanda Obidike
  11. Katumi Mohammed Oboirien
  12. Foluke Michael
  13. Adetola Makinde
  14. Amarachi Igwe Kalu
  15. Titilope Oguntuga
  16. Hélèna Enongande
  17. Loise Atieno Waruingi
  18. Helen Odega
  19. Ota Akhigbe
  20. Fatou Ndiaye
  21. Sadika Kwenuah
  22. Bisola Alabi
  23. Elemchi Nwosu
  24. Dr. Aminata Sillah
  25. Soukaina Bouba
  26. Teresa Njoroge
  27. Theo Sowa
  28. Blessing Ingyape
  29. HRM Queen Ameenata Asaleh
  30. Gbemisola Abudu
  31. Lumbie Mlambo
  32. Dawa Edina Hillary
  33. Chelangat Scholar
  34. Maryam Augie Abdulmumin
  35. Charmante Katungu Kasitu
  36. Fardosa Ibrahim
  37. Abosede George- Ogan
  38. Ujunwa Ojemeni
  39. Francesca Uriri
  40. Ibijoke Faborode
  41. Julia Nampweya
  42. Foluke Adeoye
  43. Haoma Worgwu
  44. Dr. Liliane Sekabembe
  45. Peju Ibekwe
  46. Warda Awil Hirsi
  47. Akaoma Onyemelukwe
  48. Elisabeth Apampa
  49. Sally Kimangu
  50. Esther Ijewere
  51. Rose Keffas
  52. Ohenewaaa Constance
  53. Denise Williams Ajayi
  54. Olubukola Bamiduro
  55. Radiatu Sankoh
  56. Naomi Nwokolo
  57. Yvonne Jonah
  58. Nelly Cheboi
  59. Oyetola Oduyemi
  60. Toluwalola Kasili



New Funding Opportunities

New Funding Opportunities for You and Your Nonprofit!


Every month, Donors for Africa Foundation compiles a list of ongoing global opportunities designed to improve your access to funding and the work you do.

Here is a list of ongoing opportunities you should apply for;

  1. Media Grant by Africa No Filter. Apply Now! 
  2. 2022 F5 Tech For Good Grant 
  3. IWA Young Leadership Award 
  4. Become a Young Leader for the SDGs. Class 2022! 
  5. AfricaTech Awards. Boost Africa’s Innovation & Help Tackle the Issues of Today 
  6. Innovations to Empower Women & Girls Challenge
  7. ECOSOC Youth Forum 2022 

Remember ! the first key to accessing funding or visibility for your work is to APPLY!. Schedule your days to actually apply for one.

All the Best!

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Fundraising 101: Know the Basics

It is important you realize that fundraising is NOT begging. This is why so many nonprofit founders hate it before they even start it. You worry so much about rejection that you automatically decide it’s not for you without first understanding what it’s about and how to thrive while doing so.

Havings successfully raised over $35M directly and indirectly during my 9-5 and now as the founder of a nonprofit, here are a few recommendations.

1)  Start with Your Mindset. 

To successfully fundraise, you must first have an abundance mindset. An abundance mindset is about creating opportunities and believing that there are enough resources for everyone to benefit. A person with a scarcity mindset will be absorbed with what is missing in their life and organization that your mind becomes busy worrying and worrying stops you from accessing the possibilities.

You must realize thatFundraising is about inviting people to be part of something worthwhile, something bigger than they are, something meaningful that changes live”.

2)  Understand your Why.

Why are you fundraising?

Is it to build your database of donors, provide a steady income for you and your team, or raise awareness for your cause? Once you identify your why it plays a major role in determining how you should fundraise and what specific campaign you should target or design. 

In our upcoming cause Fundraising for Nonprofits, we will teach you the full scope of a highly successful fundraising program.

This is the same step-by-step approach we have taken when we generate funds internally and externally for our community.

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3) Finally! Identify and Evaluate the Cause.

What is the cause you are fundraising for? Is it attractive to potential sponsors? Have you evaluated the program and extracted the why? What’s in it for your potential sponsors, donors, and partners? or is this another ”help us give, we are doing good work”.

Fundraising must answer all its detailed parts or components. It must follow a sequence so you can achieve two major results; sustainability and retention.

Retention of your donors and stakeholders and sustainability of your organization.

Do remember to fill out the form if interested and we will teach you how to fundraise effectively. 

For inquiries please contact us at