Donors For Africa Foundation.

Yes, we are a nonprofit organization that works actively with governments, NGOs, social impact leaders, the private sector, philanthropy organizations, and investors to break cycles of poverty.

Yes, we work in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).

To volunteer or intern with us, you can send a mail to

Yes, Donors For Africa Foundation offers internships to graduates and under-graduates across the world.

To subscribe to our newsletters, you can click HERE:

To book for a strategy/coaching session, you can send an email to

Yes, we offer all these training and also consultation services.

Yes, we accept donations from Nigeria and outside. You can send an email to

We don’t only accept financial donations, we also accept technical donations and collaborations.

Yes, you can partner with us. To know more about how you can partner with us, you can send an email to

The program- So You Want to do Good, is a program that runs twice yearly for nonprofit start-ups and established organizations. It’s a program that gives entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders clarity on how they can run their organizations effectively. Once the application portal opens, it is usually announced on all our social media platforms, both locally and internationally.

Once the SIBC application portal is open, it will be announced on all our social media platforms both locally and internationally. To know more about the SIBC, click here:

Yes, it is.

Yes, you can. To sponsor, send an email to

To join and know more about the Inner Circle Program, click here:

Yes, you can continue to renew your membership as there is no restriction to the number of times you can join. The courses taken during the inner circle program are usually revamp and updated yearly.

No, our services and programs are open to all organizations in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Yes, we offer. You can send an email to to find out more.

Yes, we do. The basic goal is that the consultation MUST be tied to the SDGs.

Yes, to access our free training, follow us on Instagram, @donorsforafrica

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