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Social Innovators Boot Camp

Donors For Africa Social Innovators Bootcamp is designed to empower “Social Impact Leaders” who will continue to build, advocate and advance sustainable development on the African continent!

We strongly believe that building sustainable organizations that are solving real problems, and creating long term solutions for Africans by Africans is the key to global challenges faced on the continent.

We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to gain clarity, develop technical skills, expand their vision, pursue connections, access funding, network with industry peers, foster new relationships and break down barriers that has limited our growth and impact in the development sector.

About The Program

This boot camp is for social impact organizations, social enterprises, business owners who desire to understand how to play in the development sector and young professionals (18 – 45 years old) from Nigeria who want to deep dive and understand the rubrics of building a sustainable social impact organization.

Participants are selected from diverse sectors in development from different states  in Nigeria addressing any global issue. It  is committed to empowering participants through an immersive learning experience to build for long term impact. It is designed to foster more collaborations, co-creation and solutions while learning from sector experts, peers and leading development organizations.


After the 12 Weeks training, participants will be presented an opportunity to apply for funds and winners will be selected during the pitch competition

  • Program Benefits
  • Other Benefits
  • Application Resources And Timeline
  • Eligibility

Virtual Trainings

Capacity Building Workshops

Networking Opportunities

Professional Development

Personal Support from a dedicated in-country manager

Post-fellowship support

Recognized professional certification in Social Enterprise Management

Funding Opportunity

Exclusive Invitation to topical Growth webinars

Remain a valued member of the network for future events and ongoing activities

Build professional credibility with this one of a kind, immersive experience

Life Skilling – getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

Exposure to invaluable professional networks and alumni network opportunities

A global family for life!

  • Applications are now CLOSED but will reopen on  -  September,  2020
  • Deadline – October 30th , 2020
  • Boot Camp Start Date January 2021
  • Boot Camp End Date – May 2021
In order to be considered for this fellowship, you must meet the following minimum requirements:
  • Be the founder or hold an executive position within an organization
  • Be available to commit to all sessions
  • Applicants must be 18 – 45 years. Younger applicants are welcome if they have a strong application
  • Ability to attend the launch and graduation event
  • Applicant and social enterprise organization are interested and ready to scale the organization
  • Must be creating positive, direct and intended impact aligned to one or more of the SDG’s or have a strong desire to make full payment of fee if accepted
  • All applicants will be notified of their selection status by November 2020


inside DFA foundation

Chidi Koldsweat, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Donors for Africa Foundation stated that the recognition is aimed at documenting the stories of African women leading change across the continent, enabling them to gain visibility and access new opportunities. It is also designed to become a repository of data, information, and research findings.

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Adesina, Executive Sec. Empowerment Initiative


Executive Sec. Empowerment Initiative

“I gained a deeper understanding of how to run an effective non-profit organization. The program exposed me to the various opportunities available in the third sector.
I gained more insight into current trends in the non-profit sector and how to utilize them in my organization. There is so much structure in my team and clarity of roles.
Chidi’s humility is also worthy to note. Always willing to provide honest and well-structured criticism. I recommend this to any development leader looking to make an impact.”

Dr. Michael, Founder, SOPPI Africa Foundation, NigeriaNorway

Dr. Michael [INNER CIRCLE]

Founder, SOPPI Africa Foundation, Nigeria/Norway

“This was amazing!. Becoming an inner circle member was the best decision my organization made. We gained direction and narrowed our vision to focus on the areas we are best at. CHIDI will keep being our mentor.
We officially became registered and gained immense clarity. She is indeed loaded, full of knowledge, lots of passion for the growth of non-profit organizations in Africa.
I have no regrets. The work continues until we achieve an inclusive African society for persons living with a disability”.

Kpenseme [Social Innovators Bootcamp]

Founder, Sophys Ovie Foundation

‘Incredible, knowledgeable, and impactful.

Before the program, we used the general content writing format for our work but as a result of the program, we focus our content writing now on storytelling format which has attracted more donors.

Now we get funds from donors through diverse kinds of storytelling platforms”

Nkem [Social Innovators Bootcamp]

Founder, Matchless Love Foundation

Simply beyond amazing

We gained clarity on what exactly we are about, how to go about our goals and objectives, and who our target beneficiaries are.

I also launched the Nonprofit Impact Challenge (NIC) for nonprofit organizations to get continuous access to funding, partnerships, and collaboration opportunities.

Dinyambe Twanoh Nyatua, Founder Child Support Initiative.

Dinyambe [Social Innovators Bootcamp]

Founder Child Support Initiative.

Educative, Inspiring, and Empowering!

Before joining this boot camp, I was at a point where I was almost giving up because things were not going exactly how I envisage they will. I got clarity on how to structure my social enterprise. I got knowledge and insight on how to raise and attract funds to run my social enterprise.

This is one of the best boot camp I have attended on building social innovation. The thought that went into planning it, the richness of speakers and the commitment to it is really commendable

Bukola [Social Innovators Bootcamp]

Founder, Karis & Eleos Foundation.

I came into this program a novice and won a grant of $300,000 before the 12 weeks were over. I am thankful for this course and the light bulb moment from each session. Having a coach is very important and our coaches knew their onions and delivered with top-notch excellence. Participating in this program has given me the drive to seek more.

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