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AWID AWARDS 2023 – And the Winners are…

Donors for Africa Foundation is pleased to announce its top fifty finalist for the 2023 African Women in Development Awards.

The award recognizes outstanding African women activists, change-makers, government representatives, and social entrepreneurs, who are transforming lives in their communities and countries, helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

According to the organizers, more than one thousand entries from 21 African countries were received after the call for nominations was made. The finalists were selected following a rigorous research and selection process, by the selection committee, which included government representatives, development experts, and women leaders from Africa.

This year’s celebration of female achievement saw the bringing together all shortlisted nominees from the East, West, North, Southern Africa, and the Diaspora to highlight the impact of their work to development in the region.

Chidi Koldsweat, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Donors for Africa Foundation stated that the recognition is aimed at documenting the stories of African women leading change across the continent, enabling them to gain visibility and access new opportunities. It is also designed to become a repository of data, information, and research findings.

She added that in Africa, women deliver impressive innovations every day and go un-noticed and their successes undocumented. The awards are to ensure that impact stories and best practices in social entrepreneurship are replicated to guarantee consistent development and achievement of the SDGs.

A past award recipient, Uzoamaka Amalu stated, founder, Project Lead stated that ‘’the recognition by Donors for Africa Foundation, led to increased visibility and I was constantly approached by leading brands globally for collaboration and invitations to join CSR/Executive advisory boards. It put me on a different level on the global scene especially in the development space.’’

“The award recipients remind us that there is no lack of ideas or talent, but of support mechanisms necessary for women to thrive and be active transformers to economies.

“So, our initiatives put a spotlight on outstanding women who are bringing innovative ideas and creative solutions to support, lead and deliver a future of peace, prosperity, and progress.”

This year’s award was completely different from the rest as we had entries from a rich pool of women across Africa. We celebrate our awardees and applaud their efforts in successfully addressing the challenges posed by events in their communities.” She spoke.


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