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We are a Carefully Curated, Connected, Competent, Collaborative Community

The DFA Inner Circle is a membership program designed for the forward-thinking, passion-driven development professional looking to make a visible impact in his/her community. We enable you and your organization with a clear road map to tackle some of your biggest challenges so you can produce the right results.


We develop your capacity and that of your team to help you create, launch, and scale up the impact of your work, providing the right platform to increase your visibility and thought leadership. We are a vibrant social movement dedicated to providing you with the right technical expertise to guarantee sustainability annually.

What you achieve with the inner circle

Become a transformational leader equipped with the right technical skills and competence.

Join a growing list of organizations that funding agencies can trust to implement the SDGs.

Create empowered institutions with the right internal structures, armed with a clear road map for action.

Identify your unique challenge and take active steps toward addressing each specific area.

Create collaborations and new partnerships amongst development organizations.

Generate and mobilize resources to become sustainable.