Women's Day


An equal world is an enabled world. How will you help forge a gender-equal world? At Donors for Africa, this is How we Achieve Equality!

Over the years, more and more women in development are passed up for opportunities, every day, we meet several women doing phenomenal things in their sector but go unrecognized for their contributions.⁣

Some prefer the quietness of their roles and are not keen on recognition, some would love some more online presence but haven’t had the time. While others really just want to keep making a difference and expect nothing back.⁣

This year, we say NO! We cannot continue to scream equality when more and more women, especially in a closed sector like development, are passed up for opportunities simply because no one knows about them or the impact of their work.

This is why we launched the campaign “Celebrating the Unseen Women in Development” to commemorate the #IWD ⁣

Are you a woman in development? working for an organization or leading one? Tell us via the nomination link about your impact and you will be celebrated across Africa at absolutely NO COST (if selected). This selection is merit-based and a reminder that for every woman working behind the scenes, We SEE you.


This boot camp is for social impact organizations, social enterprises, business owners who desire to understand how to play in the development sector and young professionals (18 – 45 years old) from Nigeria who want to deep dive and understand the rubrics of building a sustainable social impact organization.

Participants can be from any development sector in Nigeria addressing any issue.

The boot camp is committed to empowering participants through an immersive learning experience to build for long term impact. It is designed to foster more collaborations, co-creation and solutions while learning from sector experts, peers and leading development organizations.

Meet The Social Innovators


  • Virtual Training
  • Capacity Building Workshops
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Professional Development
  • Personal support form a dedicated in-country manager
  • Post-Bootcamp Support
  • Recognized professional certification in Social Enterprise Management
  • Funding Opportunity
  • Exclusive Invitation to topical Growth Webinars
  • Remain a valued member of the network for future events and ongoing activities

Other Benefits

  • Build professional credibility with this one of a kind, immersive experience
  • Life Skilling – getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Exposure to invaluable professional networks and alumni network opportunities
  • A global family for life!

Meet Our Faculty Faculty Members Are

Donors for Africa faculty members

Conference Speakers

Osayi Alile

Steve Harris

Chidi Koldsweat

Femi Martins

Gusi Tobby Lordwilliams

Our Selection Committee

Sarah Lagot Odwong, Communications Director, USAID’s Better Outcomes for Children and Youths in Eastern and Northern Uganda (BOCY) Activit

Basirat Razaq-Shuaib, Founder, The Windford Center for Children and Women

Esther Eshiet, Founder, Afterschool Centre for Career Development – ACCD


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