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Who We Are

At Donors for Africa Foundation, we are passionate about the equitable distribution of development across divides, especially in local communities.

We leverage the power of many to fight poverty, equipping social innovators with the skills they need to lead and scale their solutions. We consult and strategize with leading stakeholders to identify and fund solutions that maximize profit yet prioritize impact. We work with governments to align budgets with National SDG plans. 

With a strong team with combined years of experience, our work cuts across different countries and sectors, making us a first choice in global development.

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What We Do

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

We lead social innovators, nonprofits, and social enterprises through a thoughtful assessment of their current programs and campaigns to align goals with organizational values and create a bold plan of action.


Leadership Accelerator Programs

We design leadership and accelerator programs that provide social innovators with technical support through a blend of virtual, onsite training and funding opportunities.

Institutional Strengthing

Institutional Strengthening

We conduct surveys for and evaluate past successes & challenges and contemplate future goals with a view to identifying campaigns and programs that work and align with the SDG.


We Partner with Your Grantees

We work with you to design solutions that ensure your grantees are accountable and better equipped to achieve your goals.

Donor Engagement

Donor Engagement/Impact Investing

We develop impact strategies and connect donors to indigenous funding ideas from across Africa.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

We implement training programs that greatly improve the personal and organizational expertise of nonprofit leaders. We have trained over 5000+ leaders and organized over 400+ workshops, webinars, e-books, digital resources, specialized in-person training, and masterclass sessions. Sessions covered include grant writing, financial and organizational management, program design, management, and many more.


Corporate CSR /Philanthropy /Donor/Public-Private Partnerships

We advise on how organizations can deliver social impact and Economic Development Initiatives for Africa. We create a robust approach in helping launch the right ESG initiatives, leveraging our network of social impact organizations across Africa to scale impact.

Our Core Values

We don’t settle for anything less.

We maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior and value transparency and honesty in our communications, relationships, and action.

Team spirit, healthy work environment and increased partnership with internal and external stakeholders.

We are result driven.

We uphold the UN Charter on mutual respect, inclusion, and diversity.


Dr. Basirat Razaq-Shuaib

Founder, The WINFORD Center

"Donors for Africa reviewed and redesigned our programmes. 4 months after the review we finally closed an international partnership and our documentation was highly commended. We were very thrilled. DFA is recommended any day."

Bukola Bamiduro

Founder, Karis & Eleos Foundation

"I came into the GEDA Fellowship program a novice and won a grant of $300,000 before the 12 weeks was over. I am thankful for this course and the light bulb moment from each session.Having a coach is very important and our coaches knew their onions and delivered  with top-notch excellence. Participating in this program has given me the drive to seek more."