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Chidi Koldsweat, Founder, Donors for Africa Foundation featured on NBC, CBS & FOX News

In a recent interview with NBC, CBS, and FOX, our founder Chidi Koldsweat shared the key solution in getting many Africans out of poverty.

At Donors For Africa our work is centered around breaking cycles of poverty. We amplify the work of Donors and help them scale up their impact ensuring their solutions reach more people.

We work with the private sector to design CSR activities that align with the UN Global Compact Goals.

This interview centers on the importance of technical expertise in accelerating the SDGs and getting millions of Africans out of poverty. More nonprofits need to collaborate, merge projects and campaigns, and focus on the biggest rewards – IMPACT!

We are working closely with many Donors to show them how with current funds they can drastically scale up their work much more than they currently have.

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member spotlight

Member Spotlight

Today we look at one of our Inner Circle members, Ms. Benise Anjangha. She’s the founder of Founder Zoe Health Foundation Non- Governmental Organization a Health Organization that takes care of the health need of underprivileged people and Adolescent Girls and Young Women in society, Fights against Gender Inequality, and encourages quality Education for the underprivileged.

Benise has over 10years of experience working in the Health Domain. She is a UN Peace Ambassador, a Global Goodwill Ambassador, and a Cameroon- Israel Hi-Tech Alumni for the year 2019. She has reached out to over 3000 Internally Displaced Individuals, orphans, and refugees in the campaigns she carries out in her community and other parts of the Country. This has given her opportunities to address gatherings of girls with the most notable Phenomenal Women Conference attended by more than 10million women.

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Featured Article

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has caused more than 3 Million jobs to be lost and that number continues to grow each day. We take a deep dive into how this affects the lives of people nation wide.

meet and greet

Meet Our Intern

Meet our intern, Kopo Neo. K. She works in Client Relations and is a budding master of persuasion. She shares her insights into understanding customers and their pain points in the current business landscape.