African Women in Development Virtual Conference and Awards.

It’s the Month of March!


We are extremely excited to welcome you all to the phenomenal women’s month with the launch of our very first African Women in Development virtual conference and Awards.

For every woman from any part of Africa looking to advance her career in development, this month we will be having a very intimate conversation with leading decision-makers in development.

The what, when, and most importantly, how do we connect the dots.

So, if you are a woman in development, and desire to understand how to go from occupying a role in your organization to leading globally.

To register for the virtual conference, Click HERE

This meeting will be extremely small and very result-driven.

Don’t sign up if you are looking for “aspire to inspire ” conversations.

But please sign up if you are so hungry for growth and impact and ready to do the work.

Happy Women’s Month may we become better and bigger as we go on in our journey.

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