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Secrets Successful NGOs use to Fundraise & Retain their Donors + Webinar

In 2023, it’s never been more important to understand what fundraising truly is and to have a clear road map designed to help you make up for lost funds and meet your current goals and desired destination for your organization.

While fundraising may seem daunting and overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be because we’ve developed a set of systems to help you simplify this and create a plan for your plan!

This webinar will help you break down fundraising into actionable, highly-specific steps for success.

In this 3hours live class, you’ll learn:

A step-by-step walkthrough of your fundraising planning and framework.

Introduction to Fundraising

 – Understanding what fundraising is and isn’t

–  Types of fundraising

–  Identifying your target and potential audience

Persuasion & Communication

– Importance of storytelling

– Securing corporate sponsorships

– Developing a pitch

Fundraising Strategies and Planning

– Donor acquisition and retention (building relationships that earn)

– Creating a fundraising plan, strategies & ideas

– Common fundraising strategies


– Fundraising plan calendar + worksheet

– Email templates to keep you connected to a donor

– How to thank your donors so they keep giving

Hurry now and reserve your seat for this webinar. 

The date is April 30th.

Click HERE to register. Early bird closes on April 19th 

For questions, email


Register for the Fundraising & Grant Writing Class

What would your organization look like if you could find the foundations to support your work more quickly and efficiently? With more organizations chasing scarcer funds, nonprofit organizations must diversify their inflow and invest their resources into campaigns that guarantee organizational sustainability rather than projects only.

These two days of Fundraising & Grant writing virtual Masterclass are designed to help you learn the details needed to implement a sustainable plan. We use a written grant writing process guaranteed to help you generate sustainable funding for your nonprofit and help you steer clear of the most common pitfalls.

Course Takeaways:

1.       Understanding the fundamentals of fundraising

2.      How to build a case for support with Corporate Sponsors (Everything you need to know)

3.      Solid strategies & ideas for institutionalizing successful fundraisers (A step by step approach)

4.      An overview of your donor acquisition strategy, retention, and engagement

5.      Dealing with the anxiety of cold calling to produce the right results.

On day 2 of the grant writing class, we will also show you;

1.       How to determine if your organization is prepared to apply for grant funding.

2.      Understand the psychology of your donor

3.      Review the significant elements of most grant proposals.

4.      Learn how to be proactive in your grant writing instead of reactive.

5.      Understand the grant research and proposal review process.

6.     Explain the characteristics of a good prospect and be familiar with questions you must answer before beginning this process.

This Masterclass is Perfect For You If;

1.       You desire to change the results you have generated in the past

2.      If you are new to grant writing

3.      You are trying to figure out how to get started with getting grant funding and developing a fundraising strategy

4.      You believe that your program/project is an excellent idea that *should* be receiving grant funding and sponsorships.

Bonus Materials

1.       Recording from the session

2.      Fundraising strategy template

3.      Practical working sessions

4.      Additional resources and guides

It is time to move your operations from “survival mode” and take the driver’s seat in sustaining your activities. You not only need donors to keep your doors open but a set of carefully planned activities to gain access to available resources

Date: Thursday and Friday, May 12th – 13th

Time: 10am – 1pm daily


Can I pay for only one day of training? Yes

If you would like to make a direct transfer  of N35,000 for both days or N20,000 for one day, please see bank details below 

Donors for Africa Foundation, Sterling Bank, 0075082757

If you would like to Pay via tryselar for the full day training please use the link

For direct transfers, please click here to register for your specific day.

Fundraising Day 1

Grant Writing Day 2


Contact details:

How to Register





Inner Circle Member Spotlight – Oluwatosin Issah

Every week, we love to bring you exciting news from Inner Circle members who are doing amazing work. Today, let’s meet Oluwatosin Issah, Founder, of My Beads World Foundation. 

Who is Oluwatosin Issah Aishat ?

Oluwatosin Aishat Issah

Issah Aishat Oluwatosin is the founder of My Beadsworld Women Foundation. She bagged her B.Sc in Biochemistry and M.Sc in Medical Microbiology at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria. Oluwatosin is currently taking MBA (Masters in Business Administration) courses at Nexford University, Washington D. C, and is also a member of the inner circle, Donors For Africa Foundation.

She is a life member at Enterprise Development Centre, Pan Atlantic University, Lekki-Ajah, Lagos State. She is also a member of ImpactHER, SheLeads Africa, She decides, and Shetrades. She has directly impacted over 1000 women through Entrepreneurial training. She is passionate about building a community of financially independent women with a focus on women entrepreneurs at the grassroot.


My Beadsworld Women Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organization that focuses on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) NO. 5 (Gender Equality) and NO.9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure).

Their activities includes:

Oluwatosin Issah

*Engagement of women entrepreneurs at the grass-root with step-by-step activities to build their business from the start.

*Business registration enhancement. writing of business plans, application for business grants, business idea pitching, and business growth track.

*Mentorship activities by matching our members with successful female business mentors for one on one business support.

*Sensitization program on gender awareness and bridging of the inequality gap through self-awareness and building of self capacity Secondary School girls.

*Vocational training for women and young girls as an empowerment scheme towards poverty alleviation.

*Annual celebration Women Entrepreneurship Day which congregates successful women in business to share their success stories as a motivation for others and the Annual International Women’s Day where issues that concern women are discussed.

Our biggest Influence is on Women in small businesses at the low level(grass-root).


We look forward to partnering to organize vocational training for young girls and women and monitor their internships with established firms.

Vision: Our vision is to build a community of financially stable women that will successfully grow their businesses from the grassroot to a sustainable level.

We believe women need financial stability and empowerment to establish and fight for their gender rights.

To work with us, please contact us at 

38, Safari Junction, Abeokuta, Ogun State
Phone No: 08062338457


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Time Management: The Secret to Fundraising Success

Imagine the things we have to get done in a day!

You have to be online! You have to send out emails, and respond to much more emails! Search for new donors! Manage old donors! Help your board resolve issues! Treat every donor like a major donor! People are calling for program updates! You need to plan your next hangout! Pick up the kids! Decide on the next big thing!

It is just too much and how does anyone expect you to focus on fundraising?

Trust me as a busy third sector leader, I understand and to conquer Productivity, Time Management, and Fundraising, you must understand the different mindsets driving your decisions

The productivity mindset says Get more work done!

The time management mindset says ‘Get the most important work done well’.

So how can you effectively manage your time so you can focus on successful fundraising strategies?

  1. Cultivate a Time Positive Mindset

What is your MOST important goal?

For many nonprofit leaders, your most important goal is securing funding which automatically makes your donors are a priority.               Individual donors remain 75% of the highest amount of donors who give so prioritizing your donor interaction is now more important than ever.

One of the ways to do this is to ‘’Develop a more efficient way to engage and interact with everyone on your value chain so you can continue to deliver an experience.

Have a more high-quality targeted list of stakeholders that is segmented. (This is one of the areas we will be discussing at our upcoming training). Categorize everyone on that list so your communications are easier and more direct.

  1. Control Your Interactions

There are  3 types of interactions: People, Communication & Environment

People: Daily prioritize people you should communicate with such as your Donors, Leaders & Board Members, Volunteers & co-workers, family & friends.

Communication:  It’s important you schedule time on your calendar for responding to emails, newsletters, reports, and projects.

Environment: How cluttered is your workspace? your desktop, or your mind? How do you handle visual distractions? Learn to work in an environment that excites you and keeps you committed to your task.

Other ways to manage your time effectively are;

  • Make a plan: Do you have a Master, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily calendar?
  • Control the interruptions. Do everything to protect your work time. Focus.
  • Find your preferred time management app. There are so many apps; workflow, Trello, Asana,, To-do-list, slack. Find an app that works for you.
  • Find your peak zone: When is the best time for you to work
  • Carve out personal time. Don’t spend all day dedicated to working activities alone. Block off personal time on your calendar.
  • Delegate
  • Learn to say No

We have so much more information packed for our upcoming Masterclass, please send us an email at for more inquiries.


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Think about This- When Do You Need a Fundraising Strategy?

In a world dominated by social media and digital technology, fundraising trends, strategies, and best practices evolve at a rapid pace. New and creative ways of asking for donor support emerge so quickly that it can be hard for organizations to keep up. 

For many nonprofit founders, fundraising is just one of your many, many responsibilities, you barely have time to run through each activity how much more to stay on top of trends, and put into practice the things you learn. 

When we work with third sector leaders, oftentimes they ask us what are some of the ways to know it’s time to have a strategy in place as well as a possible fundraiser.

Below are some ideas; 

You don’t have enough in-house staff: 

Many successful nonprofits often have departments dedicated to fundraising that include independent teams that handle all the moving parts. If your nonprofit has big goals but only a handful of people who can dedicate their time to fundraising activities, it may be time to consider hiring outside help. 

Training in-house staff:

Sometimes, even if you have enough in-house staff members responsible for fundraising, they may not have the necessary expertise. It may be helpful to hire a fundraising consultant instead.

Reaching untapped audiences:

As a nonprofit founder, sometimes all you may know is the information available within your immediate network. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot more outside your network. Engaging fundraising professionals who work with dozens of organizations just like yours and have a network of potential partners, vendors, and sponsors will give you access to an untapped audience.  They can see opportunities and ways to expose your organization to new audiences.  

Planning a fundraising program:

Creating a new fundraising program from scratch requires experience in that area and a deep understanding of how to maximize your organization’s resources. Your in-house staff will be able to maintain the program once it’s up and running, but it’s not a bad idea to get someone to help plan and implement it.

Launching a capital campaign:

Campaigns are an enormous undertaking and often take time to execute. They involve a lot of moving parts and rely on each fundraising program working in unison toward the same mission. Even if you have a full staff of experienced fundraisers, it can still be helpful to hire outside help to plan the campaign and keep it on track. 

Becoming a better digital fundraiser:

We rely on digital technology for just about everything, and its role in fundraising will only continue to grow and evolve. By learning new digital fundraising skills and learning from experts, you can help your organization meet its donors where they are—online. 

Now, we have talked about why you need a strategy and the realities that surround having a successful campaign.

In our upcoming e-course, we will be breaking it down and showing you a lot down to ways to approach your potential sponsors and fundraisers.

Do click HERE to be the first to know.


Announcing our Top 60 African Women In Development (AWID 2022)

Sixty extraordinary African Women in Development, including activists, changemakers, government representatives, and social innovators from 15 countries, have been announced as awardees for this year’s Donor’s For Africa, African Women in Development Awards. The awards recognize outstanding women whose projects, work within teams, and activism are transforming lives in their communities and helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sixty extraordinary women, including activists, changemakers, government representatives, and social innovators from 15 countries, have been announced as awardees for this year’s Donor’s For Africa, African Women in Development Awards

The awards recognize outstanding African women whose work is transforming lives in their communities and countries, helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

More than 700 entries from 20 African countries were received this year. The finalists were selected following rigorous research and selection process.

Nominees are;

  1. Dr. Mories M. Atoki
  2. Tunu Yongolo
  3. Olubunmi Fajuyigbe
  4. Kikelomo Adisa
  5. Mudrakat Alabi
  6. Fatuma Hakar
  7. De Nsentip Twins (Uforo Nsentip and Eduek Nsentip)
  8. Dr. Princess Ifeoma Ike
  9. Excellence Anurika Joshua
  10. Amanda Obidike
  11. Katumi Mohammed Oboirien
  12. Foluke Michael
  13. Adetola Makinde
  14. Amarachi Igwe Kalu
  15. Titilope Oguntuga
  16. Hélèna Enongande
  17. Loise Atieno Waruingi
  18. Helen Odega
  19. Ota Akhigbe
  20. Fatou Ndiaye
  21. Sadika Kwenuah
  22. Bisola Alabi
  23. Elemchi Nwosu
  24. Dr. Aminata Sillah
  25. Soukaina Bouba
  26. Teresa Njoroge
  27. Theo Sowa
  28. Blessing Ingyape
  29. HRM Queen Ameenata Asaleh
  30. Gbemisola Abudu
  31. Lumbie Mlambo
  32. Dawa Edina Hillary
  33. Chelangat Scholar
  34. Maryam Augie Abdulmumin
  35. Charmante Katungu Kasitu
  36. Fardosa Ibrahim
  37. Abosede George- Ogan
  38. Ujunwa Ojemeni
  39. Francesca Uriri
  40. Ibijoke Faborode
  41. Julia Nampweya
  42. Foluke Adeoye
  43. Haoma Worgwu
  44. Dr. Liliane Sekabembe
  45. Peju Ibekwe
  46. Warda Awil Hirsi
  47. Akaoma Onyemelukwe
  48. Elisabeth Apampa
  49. Sally Kimangu
  50. Esther Ijewere
  51. Rose Keffas
  52. Ohenewaaa Constance
  53. Denise Williams Ajayi
  54. Olubukola Bamiduro
  55. Radiatu Sankoh
  56. Naomi Nwokolo
  57. Yvonne Jonah
  58. Nelly Cheboi
  59. Oyetola Oduyemi
  60. Toluwalola Kasili



New Funding Opportunities

New Funding Opportunities for You and Your Nonprofit!


Every month, Donors for Africa Foundation compiles a list of ongoing global opportunities designed to improve your access to funding and the work you do.

Here is a list of ongoing opportunities you should apply for;

  1. Media Grant by Africa No Filter. Apply Now! 
  2. 2022 F5 Tech For Good Grant 
  3. IWA Young Leadership Award 
  4. Become a Young Leader for the SDGs. Class 2022! 
  5. AfricaTech Awards. Boost Africa’s Innovation & Help Tackle the Issues of Today 
  6. Innovations to Empower Women & Girls Challenge
  7. ECOSOC Youth Forum 2022 

Remember ! the first key to accessing funding or visibility for your work is to APPLY!. Schedule your days to actually apply for one.

All the Best!

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5 Elements of a Winning Grant Proposal

Have you accessed a grant before?

Well, if your nonprofit organization hasn’t received or applied for any then you should. I tell most nonprofits that the best way to learn how to apply for a grant is to actually apply for one and this is why.

Applying for grants will improve your technique and expand your ability to write a competitive document. Remember, you are not the only one competing for that money. There are many other organizations like yours with real problems they intend to address and are interested in the same money, hence you MUST bring your A GAME!

Below are a few tricks and tips you must consider when preparing for your next application and we will be expanding on this at our upcoming working webinar themed ‘Get Ahead’. Do check it out.

1.Understand the amount of work that goes into the writing process

Grant writing takes time and the first key towards writing a winning grant is to pay attention to the amount of dedication and hard work needed in drafting a convincing proposal. The same effort paid in finding the right opportunity should be the same level of precision required in grant writing.

2. You must be meticulously thorough and address all the grantor’s requirements.

Often, the problem with an ineffective grant proposal isn’t the quality of the writing, the reputation of the requesting organization, or the worthiness of its stakeholders and community. Instead, what often diminishes a proposal’s effectiveness is a failure to thoroughly address the expectations of the grantor.

It is VERY important that you review the grantor’s requirements and ensure your organization meets them.

3. Establish how your organization is specially equipped to meet the community and the funder’s needs

Never assume that your potential funder will be familiar with your organization’s mission, the scope of activities, populations served, and unique programs. Whether you do a concise (very concise!) “about us” section at the beginning of the proposal, or whether you decide to weave specific information about your organization throughout the proposal, your brand and your value must come through. How?


4. Keeping your data and resources for the grant application well-ordered and easily accessible

Do you have a checklist of all that is required to be submitted for the varied applications you are putting forward? Do you know all that is required? Are they easily accessible?

5. Ensure you are thoroughly vetted and reviewed before submission.

You should treat your grant proposal as you would any important document. Just as you would your annual report, letters to donors, or any other communication that leaves your organization and lands on another’s desk, establish an editorial review process.

Grant writing isn’t like other types of business writing. It has its own language and “rules.” Have someone – or many people – work with you during the production of your proposal to ensure that the final product is as near-flawless as possible.

Download apps that allow ease of this process and our program  Get Ahead will  share several platforms and apps you can ap

If you have questions or inquiries, please feel free to email us at  

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8 Donor Retention Action Strategies + Practical Tips


The fiscal year end for many donors and corporate organizations, is in June/July?

What does this mean for you and your nonprofit? and how do you ensure you attract and don’t lose any of your new and existing donors? (Learn How to fund your Nonprofit Here)

How do you tie up every loose end so you don’t leave money on the table?. (This will be discussed in details at the upcoming FREE Webinar. Register Here)

For many nonprofits, long-term sustainability and donor retention is important  and although most donors are well-intentioned, they may just be too busy to consistently fund your organization.

What strategies can you implement to retain and access new ones?

Create a List

You need to first understand your current realities. Who funded you last year? This could be friends or families, companies or grants accessed etc. Do you have an existing database? If you do, then contact them to find out why they did not give to you this year and what you can do better. There is an art to asking and we will touch on this in our upcoming webinar.

Contact Your Most Consistent Donors or Partners

Now you have a list, begin to contact those who gave consistently. I know it may be difficult to engage past sponsors, so here is something that may help; do a live role play with your team or volunteers, develop a script and practice so people feel more comfortable and ask  expected questions afterwards. Don’t forget to send a heartwarming letter  or an inspirational quote to leave  people feeling inspired.

Send a We-Miss-You message:

This can be sent to people you called but didn’t reach. Remember in our How to Fund Your Nonprofit Class, we spoke about ”having an abundance mindset”. So assume in your tone and language your donor simply has forgotten or has just not got around to it due to the busyness of daily life.

Send specific email blasts targeting your donors:

Now if you don’t have an email listing and regular newsletters, this may be foreign to you. It is important that you make this message about your donor. So a tip would be to simply write “Did you forget you made this possible?”  Then you insert success stories from your community.

Call donors who promised to pay but are yet to:

In our Inner Circle ( you can still join us here), I shared a story about how a fortune 500 company in the UK, consistently followed on a $10 service /product someone was interested in. If a firm as big as that could be persistent, what are you worried about? You are worried about sounding pushy? Ok na!

Send out progress reports:

This is pretty clear and I will expatiate on the impact and success stories recorded simply from practicing this. Remember to register. It’s FREE

Build stronger bonds:

Relationship building in the nonprofit sector is an art. It takes skill and consistency. Who is on your target list? Do you know what a target list  is and how to work it? Our Inner Circle members recorded mind blowing testimonials simply by implementing a relationship management strategy. So can you.

Do you have a Donor Acquisition and Management Strategy?

For those who may not be joining the Inner Circle, consider participating in our upcoming training called Get Ahead where this will be discussed in details! Please see information below-you can register your interest. Thank you all so much for reading . For inquiries, please send an email to

Donors For Africa
Indicate Your Interest Here

We are hiring!!!

Join our Team!

If you are brimming with ideas, looking for innovation, an opportunity to explore your competencies, and work in a fast-paced environment, then Donors for Africa Foundation is looking for you.

We are an NGO that works with several stakeholders to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

DFA is currently recruiting a Program and Administrative Assistant.

Your exciting experience will include:

• Communicating between program participants and managerial staff,
• Creating and updating program schedules and assisting in the planning and managing of program events.
• Preparing documentation for grants
• Managing online resources and managing the founders calendar
• Processing payments for vendors and suppliers
• Attending staff meetings and taking minutes
• Responding to emails and answering calls
• Maintaining office calendars and sending out reminders of impending appointments
• Typing letters and reports as may be required from time to time
• Managing the database of organizations program
• Compiling and sending bulk mailings
• Proofreading and editing copies of documents
• Assisting in the planning and overseeing of significant events
• Assisting in managing the budget for special and routine events
• Making reservations for various off-site business meetings
• Acting as a liaison between different departments
• Relaying internal emails to staff
• Reserving equipment and conference/ virtual rooms for presentations and in-office meetings

And any other request.


• One year experience is needed in similar role
• Demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills.
• Exhibits ability to multitask on a regular basis.
• Pays close attention to detail.
• Proficient in the use of Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Asana, slack, Google drive, Zoom, and Microsoft teams.
• Exhibits friendly and professional manner.
• Works well with a range of different individuals such as colleagues, and clients.
• Possesses excellent phone etiquette.
• Demonstrates knowledge of proper compositional practices to aid in writing and proofreading.
• Exhibits strong organizational skills.
• Communicates clearly, politely, and effectively.
• Demonstrates ability to think creatively to assist in special event planning and marketing.
• Working with little or no supervision.
• Demonstrates excellent time-management skills.

All qualified candidates should forward their resumes to / Deadline is May 21st.