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What would your organization look like if you could find the foundations to support your work more quickly and efficiently? With more organizations chasing scarcer funds, nonprofit organizations must diversify their inflow and invest their resources into campaigns that guarantee organizational sustainability rather than projects only.

These two days of Fundraising & Grant writing virtual Masterclass are designed to help you learn the details needed to implement a sustainable plan. We use a written grant writing process guaranteed to help you generate sustainable funding for your nonprofit and help you steer clear of the most common pitfalls.

Course Takeaways:

1.       Understanding the fundamentals of fundraising

2.      How to build a case for support with Corporate Sponsors (Everything you need to know)

3.      Solid strategies & ideas for institutionalizing successful fundraisers (A step by step approach)

4.      An overview of your donor acquisition strategy, retention, and engagement

5.      Dealing with the anxiety of cold calling to produce the right results.

On day 2 of the grant writing class, we will also show you;

1.       How to determine if your organization is prepared to apply for grant funding.

2.      Understand the psychology of your donor

3.      Review the significant elements of most grant proposals.

4.      Learn how to be proactive in your grant writing instead of reactive.

5.      Understand the grant research and proposal review process.

6.     Explain the characteristics of a good prospect and be familiar with questions you must answer before beginning this process.

This Masterclass is Perfect For You If;

1.       You desire to change the results you have generated in the past

2.      If you are new to grant writing

3.      You are trying to figure out how to get started with getting grant funding and developing a fundraising strategy

4.      You believe that your program/project is an excellent idea that *should* be receiving grant funding and sponsorships.

Bonus Materials

1.       Recording from the session

2.      Fundraising strategy template

3.      Practical working sessions

4.      Additional resources and guides

It is time to move your operations from “survival mode” and take the driver’s seat in sustaining your activities. You not only need donors to keep your doors open but a set of carefully planned activities to gain access to available resources

Date: Thursday and Friday, May 12th – 13th

Time: 10am – 1pm daily


Can I pay for only one day of training? Yes

If you would like to make a direct transfer  of N35,000 for both days or N20,000 for one day, please see bank details below 

Donors for Africa Foundation, Sterling Bank, 0075082757

If you would like to Pay via tryselar for the full day training please use the link

For direct transfers, please click here to register for your specific day.

Fundraising Day 1

Grant Writing Day 2


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