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Meet our Top 10 Finalists for the SIBC Pitch Competition

Congratulations to our top ten finalists who made it to the Social Innovators Bootcamp Final Stage Competition.

This process was rigorous, detailed, and grueling but we are glad to announce that every one of you is a winner and deserves an accolade.

Also, we appreciate all our judges who made this possible.

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Meet our 28 Social Innovators who made it to the next stage!

The Social Innovators Bootcamp started this year in January with selected innovators from around Africa who received immersive training and coaching for three months from different experts around the world.

Now, we are excited to announce our 28 innovators who are set to receive the grand prize.
We are blown away at your outstanding commitment and dedication to the program and we celebrate your efforts in pursuing your dreams.

We look forward to celebrating the next phase of your journey.

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Revenue Ideas For Your Nonprofit

Donors for Afric


For all non-profit organizations, there is a need to come up with innovative ways of raising revenue every year since you require the financial resources to fulfill your mission. As you read through the ideas provided, please remember one clause; these revenue sources as they are correctly called MUST align with your organization’s mission.

They are usually classified as related income in your accounting book and you need it to fuel your mission before the grants come.

You need it to deepen your impact and sadly, If you don’t get earned income soon, you will be left behind.

So, here are some ideas;

  1. Fees for Service

Did you know that 48% of funds raised by nonprofits come from fees for service? How?

Facilitate training, leverage what you know. Sell information to a school-one they would need. Plan conferences and training programs. Push past your fears and be creative.

I have been asked quite often, what happens when I receive a commission for referring people or businesses to purchase a product and I get a commission, can I accept it?

Yes, you can. However, you must advise the organization or individual paying you to note it as ‘referral donation’ rather than use the word commission.

  1. Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate sponsorships remain a crucial part of our income generation funnel. It is when a company commits money or resources to a nonprofit event or program in exchange for specific promotional benefits and many businesses striving to balance profit with purpose through sponsorship, get to achieve that.

Your responsibility is to show them the value of working or collaborating with your organization to solve a social problem. The question is after varied attempts, how do you write a winning proposal or engage the right strategy to continue to access these funds?  Do check out several DFA programs that teach the how.

  1. Grants

Most nonprofit organizations get funding through diverse grant programs. Although a longer strategy that takes time, it does help fund your activities especially if your cause is genuine.

So how do you access grants? First, be clear about what types of grants you need and then the duration. How long are you willing to wait. Find the right opportunity and then put forward a strong application. As much as I would love to say ‘that’s it, the truth is you have absolutely no control over grants this is why I encourage you to learn how to write winning grants.

Briefly, nonprofit organizations require funding sources in order to run their day-to-day operations. The contributions made act as the organization’s revenue and must be reported financially.

This is why you should REGISTER FOR OUR COURSE  HERE so we can share more ideas and tell you what you need to know.

We value your comments! Feel free to ask questions, suggestions or leave feedback.

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Chidi Koldsweat, Founder, Donors for Africa Foundation featured on NBC, CBS & FOX News

In a recent interview with NBC, CBS, and FOX, our founder Chidi Koldsweat shared the key solution in getting many Africans out of poverty.

At Donors For Africa our work is centered around breaking cycles of poverty. We amplify the work of Donors and help them scale up their impact ensuring their solutions reach more people.

We work with the private sector to design CSR activities that align with the UN Global Compact Goals.

This interview centers on the importance of technical expertise in accelerating the SDGs and getting millions of Africans out of poverty. More nonprofits need to collaborate, merge projects and campaigns, and focus on the biggest rewards – IMPACT!

We are working closely with many Donors to show them how with current funds they can drastically scale up their work much more than they currently have.

Follow us Donors For Africa on all our social media platforms

Click on any of the links below to read the full article:




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So You Want to Do Good?

So You Want To Do Good?

This program is a two days training which runs once every year. The program answers all the questions about starting and launching your nonprofit organization from scratch to finish. It covers ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

It is a program that teaches nonprofit leaders how to tackle the challenges they face in their organizations when they start and provides them clarity on how to solve these problems. The courses taught are specially designed for nonprofit organizations to scale up and thrive.

The training entails the following but not limited to:

  • How to Craft a Nonprofit Strategy⁣
  • How to clarify your mission and vision statement and identify what has impeded your growth.⁣
  • How to Master your Financials
  • How to design a Fundable Program⁣
  • Monitoring & Evaluation⁣
  • Board Identification, Selection, and Engagement⁣
  • Designing an Effective Volunteer Programs.⁣
  • Increasing your Visibility
  • Structuring for Effective Leadership
  • (Funding Prerequisite)
  • Legal Expectation (Tax / the Nigerian law),
  • Organizational Management
  • Resource Mobilization
  • How to Effectively Design, Monitor, and Evaluate your Programs
  • What do Funders lookout For?
  • Basic Introduction to Grant Writing
  • Building your Profile in Development & Accessing
  • International Opportunities & Fellowship.
  • And many more!⁣

As a bonus, all participants will receive⁣ the following:

  • Marketing Templates
  • Presentation/Slides⁣
  • Recordings⁣
  • Other useful templates and engaging resources.⁣

At the end of the two days of training, a  certificate is awarded to all participants.

Interested in joining this program? CLICK HERE  to join the waiting list and be the first to know once it opens.

Follow Donors For Africa Foundation on all social media platforms to get the latest information for available training applications and opportunities.

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Written by Chidi Koldsweat

2020 End of the Year Checklist For Your Nonprofit


The end of 2020 is in sight and your nonprofit should focus on finishing year-end responsibilities.

Are you not quite sure what it entails? No problem. 

Read below the important year-end checklist to make sure you do not miss any important end-of-the-year details.

1. Get your finances in check: 

It is time to look at your inflow and outflow. Where did the bulk of your income generation come from and where did the bulk of your expenses go? What do you need to cut low on next year and where do you need to focus more attention on. Did you file your year-end annual returns? Have you paid your tax and that of your employee where necessary? Did you have a grant budget and what were the success rates?


2. Board Leadership: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

An organization is only as good as the leaders who head the mission. It’s time to evaluate the board of directors, Executive committee members, and any other team in 2020.  If you are unhappy with the performance of any of your board or team members then now is the time to voice your concerns. Keep in mind during evaluations that you must act in the best interest of your nonprofit and its mission. Also, if anybody is retiring or resigning, you should be in the process of looking for the right candidate for the position.


3. Make an Annual Report

If you did not create a mid-year report, well sorry! If you have not been thinking about an annual report, the time is now. We cannot overemphasize the importance of an annual report. You will need it for several opportunities along the line so do NOT overrate the importance.  One of the most important parts of your annual report is the description of your accomplishments. I really hope you kept a detailed list this year, as you will need it.


You will need to make a list of all your implemented successful programs, donors, and a section on where your revenue has come from and been spent. Use graphs to make your report look more organized and to break down the information for readers. Pictures, videos are also a great tool to tell better stories.


If you are a procrastinator, the process of compiling an annual report will be difficult. As you can see, the amount of information necessary for a report is substantial but I encourage you to start. Do not forget to mention future collaborations and partnerships your organization is looking to explore and who can be contacted to discuss these opportunities. An annual report is also a strong marketing tool. Just as an addition, it is important to also explore other formats that your annual report can be disseminated in and find what bests represent your brand.


4. Your Nonprofit Strategy for 2021:

Now is the BEST time to get started. Do not wait for 2021 to come up with a plan. Strategizing for the new year is the best way to hit the ground running without waiting. You are clear about who you need and what you must do to get on their radar. Schedule your nonprofit strategy session today.

If you are interested in a group high-level executive session for nonprofit founders and executives, send an email to and we will be in touch.

This slot is open for 20 nonprofit founders only.

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The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has caused more than 3 Million jobs to be lost and that number continues to grow each day. We take a deep dive into how this affects the lives of people nation wide.