On DFA Interview Series, – Meet Omobolanle Shakirat Ajijola, a Trauma therapist & Founder of Bina Al-Amal Foundation.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Omobolanle Shakirat Ajijola. I am a Trauma therapist, Ankaracrafter, Startup Urban Farmer, and the Founder of Bina Al-Amal Foundation.
I’m a firm believer in securing a safe and well-balanced environment free from all forms of Violence.


Tell us about your organization, impacts, and achievements since establishment?

Bina Al Amal Foundation is a non-governmental, and not-for-profit organization which provides social and economic empowerment to Survivors and Victims of Gender-Based Violence and disadvantaged communities across Nigeria.

Bina Al-Amal means Building hope and we hope to achieve this by providing social and economic empowerment to women, children, and youths in disadvantaged communities across Nigeria and also we are committed to empowering and equipping the present-day African Child with all the tools needed to cope in this fast-paced world.

Since establishment, we have participated in an education drive in 2109 for Disadvantaged Communities to teach over a hundred children who had little or no access to education.

We have offered palliatives to over a hundred low-income families during the covid-19 lockdown.

We have empowered over 200 youths on the issues and challenges they face growing up and in their teenage years as well as enlighten them on the dangers of Sexual Abuse.


What advice can you give to young people who want to build a career in the development sector?

I will advise young people to start where they are with what they have and more importantly never disregard the importance of volunteering as this gives you not only experience but widens your knowledge banks.


What is the biggest challenge facing the women & girls sector and what are your interventions so far?

I will say Gender Inequality, We continue to raise awareness on how this affects women and girls as a majority and enlighten the appropriate quarters, just as it was done at the recently concluded virtual sixty-fifth session of the Commission on the Status of Women NGO CSW which held on the 14- 26th of March.


What do you believe the Government can do differently?

For starters ask those who are affected how to help.
The government should pay more attention to what they term “women issues”.
Be more enlightened about the various cultural, traditional, religious, economic and emotional impact Gender-Based Violence and Gender Inequality has on women.


Tell us four shocking things you’ve experienced about being a nonprofit leader?

Being a non-profit leader is not a piece of ice on the pack. One of the shocking things I have discovered is-

    1. Lack of togetherness
    2. Unwillingness to share knowledge.


How has been your participation in the inner circle program or other programs prepared you for opportunities ahead?

I now have a clear line of sight as to what others have done wrong and what I would do right. The mistakes to avoid and how to put in place the proper structures to ensure our Organization hits the ground running, and keeps making a targeted impact and stays relevant.


Are there any ongoing projects your organization is working on at the moment? Please share it with us.

Bina Al-Amal Foundation have a teen hub tailored at empowering and enlightening our teenagers on Intimate Partner Violence and how they can be a voice to make things better.

We also have a program for Mother’s slated for June and an empowerment program slated for early September, this year.


To know more about Omobolanle Shakirat Ajijola and the amazing work she is doing, you can follow her organization on:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/binaalamalfoundation

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/binaalamalfoundation


You can also connect with her on her Personal Handles:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ajijolabolanle

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajijola-bolanle

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bolanleajijola.3

For more enquiries and partnership information, contact: omobolanleajijola@gmail.com 











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