What Nonprofits Wish They Knew Months Ago

Dear nonprofit leader, if you could go back to before coronavirus (COVID-19) impacted the world, how would you prepare? What would you do differently?

Recently, I read a collated survey from over 700 nonprofits and this is the advice they would had given themselves

  1. Investing in Yourself Pays Big and remains your biggest investment: When you’re busy working towards fulfilling your nonprofit’s mission, it’s easy to not focus on you.

    It is important that you take out time to build your skills and fuel your mission. People wished they had acquired more tech skills and mastered tech tools, so you can be more productive. Now is the time to try new things.

  2. Data collection and management (your beneficiaries and your donors). I spoke with a lot of organizations who wished they had captured and managed this data effectively. Now that we mostly work remotely, your impact will depend on the quality of your data collection or management system. So what can you do better?

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