Fundraising 101: Know the Basics

It is important you realize that fundraising is NOT begging. This is why so many nonprofit founders hate it before they even start it. You worry so much about rejection that you automatically decide it’s not for you without first understanding what it’s about and how to thrive while doing so.

Havings successfully raised over $35M directly and indirectly during my 9-5 and now as the founder of a nonprofit, here are a few recommendations.

1)  Start with Your Mindset. 

To successfully fundraise, you must first have an abundance mindset. An abundance mindset is about creating opportunities and believing that there are enough resources for everyone to benefit. A person with a scarcity mindset will be absorbed with what is missing in their life and organization that your mind becomes busy worrying and worrying stops you from accessing the possibilities.

You must realize thatFundraising is about inviting people to be part of something worthwhile, something bigger than they are, something meaningful that changes live”.

2)  Understand your Why.

Why are you fundraising?

Is it to build your database of donors, provide a steady income for you and your team, or raise awareness for your cause? Once you identify your why it plays a major role in determining how you should fundraise and what specific campaign you should target or design. 

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This is the same step-by-step approach we have taken when we generate funds internally and externally for our community.

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3) Finally! Identify and Evaluate the Cause.

What is the cause you are fundraising for? Is it attractive to potential sponsors? Have you evaluated the program and extracted the why? What’s in it for your potential sponsors, donors, and partners? or is this another ”help us give, we are doing good work”.

Fundraising must answer all its detailed parts or components. It must follow a sequence so you can achieve two major results; sustainability and retention.

Retention of your donors and stakeholders and sustainability of your organization.

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