It’s Budgeting Season! Are you Ready to Secure that Sponsorship?

The most painful statement any nonprofit leader will hear is ”Sorry, we have no budget for your shikini N500k program” and you are reading their annual reports and seeing the billions of dollars they give towards projects.

You turn around in anger but guess what it is your fault.

Many of us like to associate our lack of success in some areas to mindset myths like ” nobody knows me”, ”because I don’t come from a wealthy family” etc. These are excuses.

Most times the reason for a lack of success is simple.

You did not plan, strategize or start early!

There were two major mistakes I made when I started my journey securing partners for my work.

1. Wrong Timing

If you have a program to launch in December, please, edakun, just forget it.

Except you have some serious connect, you will receive that dreaded email. So when is the right time to seek out partnerships and funding for your projects in 2022?

Now. As-in. Today. The question is ”Is your proposal ready? (check out our course on proposal writing) Have you done your project mapping? or are you waiting to include it in your 21days  fasting and praying prayer points in January? (Sorry no offense intended but you and I know we slip these things in. Well at least, I do )

2. Misalignment

I cannot count the number of organizations that have sent out random messages, completely misaligned, misdirected, and not of any interest to the intending brand.

A very important aspect of your success is to ensure that you connect your mission and vision to that of several corporate organizations that have sustainability as their focus.

The corporate organization you are currently writing to, have you researched to verify that they have your mission and vision as their CSR objective?

Every organization operates with a budget and many of them commence the process well ahead before the new year. Please commence now to secure that partnership.

I have so much more to write on the subject and hopefully, I get to do so real quick either in a class or on here.

I am still reflecting.

I am looking forward to GE’DA’ 2022 as this is one of the sessions we will be digging deep into. If you are truly interested in reading more, please remember to REGISTER HERE.


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